How It Works

The Handyman Advantage Process:

  1. Call us at 919-841-5622 for more information or to schedule an evaluation or simply fill out the Work Order Form.
  1. For no charge or obligation, one of our handymen will come to your house and evaluate the work that you want to have done. He will give you a Written Guaranteed Price including a list of exactly what we will be doing.

  2. All pricing is by the job, not by the hour. That way you will know what your labor cost will be, instead of being stuck with an open ended hourly rate.

  1. If the price is acceptable, just sign the Proposal and call our office. Our scheduler will work with you to find a time to do the work that will fit your schedule.
  1. Your handyman can help by picking up the materials. There is never a markup on materials. Our cost is your cost. If you don't know what materials to get, your handyman can pick them up for you.
  1. When the work is complete, the handyman will inspect the job with you to ensure your satisfaction. Any outstanding issues will be addressed and/or corrected on the spot or as soon as possible.
  1. When everything is done to your satisfaction, we will give you an invoice which will break down the cost of the job by labor, materials, etc. Please make your check out to Handyman Advantage or pay with a major credit card.
  1. Upon payment we will activate your One Year Workmanship Guarantee.

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